Tuesday, November 15

AOP Content Trends

I sit on the content trends group for the Association of Online Publishers.

We've had an interesting discussion this afternoon on social tagging and how this might affect large scale publishers. Amongst other Chris Osborne from FT.com, Dave Killeen from Associated New Media and Karl Schneider from RBI shared views, ideas and latest news. View the AOP content working group's del.icio.us page

These are exciting times in the publishing industry. Huge brands, like The Times (plug), would seamingly have the lead in transferring consumer trust and awareness from offline to online. But without giving up the publishing roots in favour of technical delivery how can these brands compete with tech upstarts... Old publishers are in the content creation business, not content manipulation.

If you're interested in the developing market for 'presenting' news (rather than its creation) here are some interesting sites (not all brand new I must add):

Digg.com - Darwinian content - readers vote for content live - the best stories go to the top.

Netvibes.com - two french guy's and AJAX - a fantastic example of putting users in control of what they look at

Annotated NYT - take New York Times articles, match them with blog's talking about those topics, encourage debate -the NYT takes a life of its own

When you start to combine personalised content, social tagging and bookmarking, citizen publishing with mainstream media you get a new type of news delivery. Where users proactively segment themselves by letting them have the tools to do so (who needs behavioural targetting - let the reader form their own communities)

Most of these tools have not yet reached tipping point into the mass market - us netophiles may know about them - but its when they leap onto the average guys desktop we'll see the next big shift.

Will the big publishers be there? Do they need to be? Should publishers make their website interface open-source - and allow tech savvy users to develop better interfaces.

Now there's an idea...


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