Saturday, November 26

The Future of Media : My Media

I presented "The Future of Media" to the executives of The Times and Sunday Times newspapers this week. Presenting the digital future, as well as the digital "now", to one of the world's oldest and most respected newspapers required some serious thought. Not least because Rupert Murdoch's digital empire is rolling out.

Now there's a lot on this topic on the web (and what I presented was corporate stuff, so its confidential) so try Rebecca MacKinnon's blog

I used minimal powerpoint in favour of demonstrating everything 'live'. Flipping between different sites, video and audio. It's rather like doing a live cookery show, trying to present and type and operate a mouse all at the same time. There's no other way to show the potential impact of RSS, geo tagging, social networks...

The next time you present about the web, use the web. You'll need to choreograph everything in advance but it's worth the effort. It gives real impact!


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