Monday, November 7

Global Warming: The People vs The Environment

Anyone looking for a ought to look at the weather..

Walking through London early this November morning, the bright sunshine and clear blue skies, my thoughts turned to (sort of).

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You see isn't normally this warm, and most Londoners are quite happy with the extra few degrees of heat. But now it's getting out of hand. How do we change it?

Firstly, people need to think it's personal. Woody Harrelson the actor said "if i do my bit then at least i have a clear conscience." The problem is, most of us wont do our bit, we'll keep driving oversized four by fours.

So here's the start of a not-for-profit web idea to drive awareness:

- Team up with government environment agencies in developed countries

- Each business is awarded a rating for it's enviro friendliness - this happens already - see Carbon Trust in the UK

- Businesses are given a link (aka technorati) to add to their website which authenticates them. The links clicks to a unique certificate for that business and a GEOurl tag to give it a real world connection.

- Then team-up with Google, Yahoo, MSN to give higher to websites which are the most environmentally friendly * A massive incentive for companies (making it personal)

- There could be lots of spin-off applications: search engine for only environmentally friendly sites/business, a blogger version (where private individual must rate themselves - raises awareness if nothing else) and add it to their blogs. This might be self-policing as fellow bloggers could report you if your honking around in a Hummer!

I'll leave you with those thoughts on this sunny day. Please develop the idea if you think it has merit, share your thoughts here or team up with my company Ventures in PIXELS to put this together.

Bring back cold mornings


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