Saturday, November 5

Making of Clarkson & Gill in Iraq Film

In the 'day job', marketing , I made movies this week. Well, one at least.

I secured unique footage of Jeremy Clarkson, the much loved presenter, and A A Gill, the food critic and writer, on their hair-raising jaunt in Iraq. And it wasn't much of a jolly ride.

The raw footage, much of which ended on the editing suite floor, showed real fear in Clarkson's commentary. But the need to keep the film short for the web meant we had to lose a lot. If it wasn't for the tank racing, yes! they lined up two Abrahm's tanks for a sprint race, their trip showed the grim realities of life in Iraq from commentators that are used to fast cars and fine restaurants.

Read the article first and then watch the to get some context.

The Sunday Times this weekend publishes the article in full - it's a great read.

The some good coverage of the trip.

Thanks to Dan Leonard for helping to produce the film.


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