Tuesday, December 13

China's Sinking City

Sipping a Mocha looking across at The Bund, the tips of the waves from Shanghai's Huangpu river lap across the pavement Pudong promenade. Passers by leap out of the way to avoid their shoes getting dunked in the brown water.

Later, at the entrance to Shanghai's Art Museum (a fantastic gallery of contemporary Chinese painting) I saw a marker painted on the wall showing where the land level stood 15 years before. Shanghai has sunk over a metre and a half in those few years. As the steel and concrete goes up the land level is dropping. Residents might need those skyscrapers to keep their heads above water.

Watching Huangpu River is a fascinating place to see China's Industrial Revolution in live action. Cargo ships pass-by all day long ferrying everything that Shanghai wants and no longer needs. I couldn't take my eyes off this boat (right) which was so heavily laden looked to be slowly sinking as it made its way up stream.


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