Thursday, January 12

Redux: When East overtakes West

A few years ago I wrote my thoughts on the shift of economic power from West to East (read "When East overtakes West". The view was that this would eventually/inevitably lead to marketing and ultimately ownership of the customer.

I still believe this process is inevitable. On each visit I make to parts of Asia, signs of the sophistication of their marketing campaigns get clearer. Production values on advertising campaigns are good, messages clear and intelligent, product packaging as good and innovative as anything in US/Europe. What we are seeing, in the space of just five to ten years, is the maturing of an entire marketing industry. In the UK/USA this learning process began in the early 1900's, accelerating with the advent of TV advertisers filled our screens with bad ads for soap-sud and mustards.

In China, right now, the creativity of the marketing industry is invested in tackling home markets. These new marketers and their brands are testing, trialing and learning rapidly on a pool of an estimated 100m middle-class Chinese. This knowledge will find its way back into product improvements and begin creating innovations led by Chinese consumers. Innovations that will lead to the next iPOD style revolution coming from China - designed, created, shipped and marketed by the Chinese, carrying the Chinese brand name...

So in ten years, the hot new thing is Píng Guo...that's Mandarin for Apple

Or should it be Lí Zi - the Chinese Pear POD

China's Best Prospect - from Forbes
October is China's iPOD Month


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