Monday, February 27

The Social Web: crowd power

These are interesting times. We're all trying to figure things out, 'star gaze' and bounce off each other.

There's a lot of theory about the social publishing and what I like to label 'emotional' search.

The phrase 'social surfing' (, Yahoo360, conjures up numerous ideas for web collaboration and community that haven't even been touched on yet - imagine 'social buying', where users actively visiting an e-commerce site could, via a small app on their desktops meet each other, discuss the pro's/con's of the product and even 'group buy' to bring the costs down. Ebay pits buyers against each other, 'social buying' lets them gang up together. I am sure some of you may know of tools that do this already.

The idea was first came about in web 1.0 (that big bubble) by companies like GroupTrade, PriceLine, etc. But the buying process was controlled by the seller - so buyers never get true visibility of each other. Same goes for those mind-numbing TV channels, Bid-up TV, QVC and tat-for-dollars (I made that one up). To make the idea really take off, you've got to let consumers play the system, they need to 'gang-up', they need to really use their buying power in a fun way to get something better.

Ebay is fun, but it's buyer against buyer. What would happen if a couple of buyers could agree their bids and who was going to win - and help each other find another product for the one that missed out.

Disrupt the disruptive business!


Anonymous said...

Social networking, social surfing, information share. All nice in theory, but the Darwinism in web culture and inherent to us all surely means that each free thought and service will eventually be re-spun and used to generate revenue. Where has plaguerism been most iedntifiable if not through the web.

Even the kind and gifted developers out there are looking for a profit, be it a buy out by the big guns, or a free extension of their own services through an API.

Taking the ebay case in point, it is after all pre-dominately an auction, so many bidders and sellers are shilling, postal price fixing, selling "authentic" goods and generally using it to make a profit.

True sharing comes only from the most dispicable and illegal acts, practised by subversives. Yep, you guessed it, file sharing. Lets help the record companies revive their flagging business and weed out these scum.

After all, they are probably the type of people who made mixed tapes on heavily re-used TDK 60s back in the day.

Don't get me wrong, I love the internet. Its

27 February, 2006 18:44  
Anonymous Gurtej said...

According to Marcel Mauss free gifts does not exsist (including file sharing) as he says:

A gift that does nothing to enhance solidarity is a contradiction.

Now look at the what works in social computing and all paths lead to increased solidarity.

28 February, 2006 22:24  

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