Monday, March 20

Creativity versus the Green Back

An entrepreneurs dilema. Thinking Big. But thinking ordinary. Getting the balance between shooting for the most 'out-there', revolutionary product and finding the place where money is easily made.

Seth Godin's excellent post "I don't feel like playing tonight" flags the problem we all face.

Venture Capitalists want the big idea, they want you to think big, to create or 'take' a market. To do so usually means to take a radical approach to a product, service or industry. Not a marginal improvement on what's already in the marketplace.

The sweetspot is somewhere in-between the left-side of the curve and the right. Go to far right, and your into mass market competition and mediocrity - no one will invest in you.

Go too far left and the public may take a life-time to get to grips with your idea. And you're 30min (if not 1min) pitch to the VC will never get across your wonderful concept to investors.

I don't have an answer to where that sweet-spot sits, the 'tipping point' for product/service design. I suspect those that do spend too much time on yachts and at parties to write blogs about it. Find the sweet spot and combine Green Back with creativity.


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