Monday, March 27

Mobilising China

Over the next days I will be blogging some points/facts from Ted Fishman's book China Inc. The book is a real wake-up call, even for those involved in trade with Asia and the next superpower.

Today, mobile, and a few astonishing facts:

- The largest mobile market in the world. The book quotes 300 million mobile users in China (one year since publication this has past 400m and is still growing).

- The most competitive mobile market in the world. There are 800 hundred handset models available in China. Compare that to your local high-street for choice.

- Chinese brands own significant shares. 40% of the domestic market is owned by local brands Ningbo Bird, Nanjing Panda, Haier... And on top of this, China manufacturers the majority of non-Chinese brands' handsets available. That's 100% dominance of manufacturing and 40% of brands.

The sophisticated R&D, engineering capability and production facilities involved in this operation is driven by Chinese. That's a great leap up the value-chain for China that cements it as an inventor and not just manufacturer. Looking for the next trend in mobile, look to China.

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