Friday, August 11

IceBlok: The Water's Lovely, Jump in

Alongside the beautiful hot summer we're having in the UK, one of the globe's largest ice masses is, unsuprisingly, melting faster and faster. Of all the environmental effects happening it's the ice caps melting that most shocks me into action - maybe it's the purity of these areas and their stunning landscapes.

If Greenland melts it will add 21 feet to our sea levels. That's London gone, oh and Sydney, Shanghai, Saigon, California (no wonder Arnie is on the case) and every current beach resort in the world. The film Terminator 3 was called; The Rise of Machines. Welcome to The Rise of the Tides.

Despite the rhetoric this task is too big for governments alone. That's why big business, communities, schools, entreprenuers and individuals have all got to do their bit.

Read "Greenland melt 'speeding up'" report the BBC today.

Hasta La Vista Baby


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