Monday, October 23

Note to self: Don't make these start-up mistakes

I just stumbled across Paul Graham's "18 Mistakes that Kill Start-ups"

So here's a note to self of the best:

#1. More than one founder. Who can else is going to be interested when there's "packet loss on a router" at 2am

#5. Don't be sold on the idea. No matter how sold I get on my dream idea, be prepared to drop it like a cheap date for the next best thing, as the first ideas are rarely the right ones.

#8. Get it out quick. Set a date and crack on developing and launching on that day. Delay's are excuses to take longer to solve problems you will have solved through the night before launch on your first, earlier launch date.

#11. Raise Mo' Money. Stick it together with tape, and you'll only ever have a shoe-box - when it rains, the box will collapse. Get enough to do it properly, and you'll have a house.

#15. Demand before Profit. Solve their problem first, and solve it well, then worry about how to make money from it. Worry about the money first, and your product wont satisfy users - because it will be about the money - not their need.


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