Wednesday, October 18

Sudoku Viet Nam

Today the world got a little Su Doku crazier. Sudoku took another bold step on its global march and hit Vietnam. For the less travelled, that's the country that finished a war over 30 years ago and is now one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

With some great friends and colleagues in Vietnam, we've worked late nights and early mornings to bring a local take on Sudoku to the country. So today, Sudoku Vietnam was launched, and its been no mean feat – publishing across all media, creating a unique design that fits with the culture, signing up partners and bringing the whole thing to market very quickly from a small and talented team.

Thang Bom, our adopted son of Sudoku Vietnam is a likeable folklore character, with a story not dissimilar to David and Goliath's. Just like the various Sudoku championships around the world have shown, its not always the oldest, wisest that are the fastest. Hence Thang Bom.

So, we've injected a little colour into our Sudoku Vietnam, given it some personality, and made it fun beyond the puzzles themselves. The books, website, events, posters and more all carry this same sense of humour and club like feel.

It's a small start in an exciting market. I hope Vietnam takes to Sudoku the way the rest of the world has. Some of the brightest, smartest people I've met on my travels are from Vietnam. Judging by some of the times recorded on the website so far, I think we might cultivate a Vietnamese world champion.

Tôi xin gửi lời cảm ơn các team Sudoku Việt Nam


Blogger Nắng lạnh said...

Can you speak Vietnamese fluently?

11 June, 2008 03:48  
Blogger Simon Christy said...

good question. fluently enough to have a coffee and chat, not enough to discuss the state of the credit crunch and the capital markets :)

11 June, 2008 04:03  

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