Sunday, December 31

Goodbye 2006

For 'digital natives' (as Murdoch labelled us) the first half of the year was a continuing iPOD/iTUNES & MySpace fever, the back-half belonged, without question, to YouTube and Google. Skype became the third largest telco on the planet (behind China Tele, Vodaphone). But the biggest smiles are probably on the faces of, Bebo, Piczo and the many other new web businesses that had exponential growth outside the headlines.

We started Ventures in PIXELS this year and helped some hi-profile brands get their online businesses rocking, got our fledgling media company off the ground in Vietnam and brewed some excellent new business plans ready for '07 (watch this space).

Thanks to the team, our partners and clients for a fun and fruitful year.


In the year that was video online and the Long Tail, I'll leave the review of the year to the YouTube'rs (search for "2006 review" and find your own - from Schumacher to Zidane).


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