Monday, January 8

2007: Time to upgrade the User Interface

Isn't it hi-time we did things differently on screen. There's no real use of sound, most websites are flat and rely on single mouse clicks to do everything. Being 'online' there are of course a bunch of smart people working on a facelift for the web.

With Microsoft's Vista and Sun's Beta project Looking Glass, the UI experts should be in a lot of demand over the next years. Have a play with Looking Glass, it's crude but opens your mind to how we will be interacting with the screen in 3D.

Nice graphics are one thing, but using them in practical, useful or entertaining applications is what I would dip into my pocket for. Car, House buying in 3D - I'd like to keep a folder of prospective houses on my Harddrive, perhaps my contacts linked in 3D, so that I can see relationships between them, Graphs and charts should hugely benefit (Excel isn't too good at 3 or more axes).

These desktop initiatives should influence webdesign over the next year, just as XP brought shading and drop shadows back, we should see more 3D designs on the web. This should bring new application to social media, news and shopping.

Just as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom defined a revolution in gaming, these could be the seeds of something similar for digital media.



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