Monday, June 18

PhotoSynth: Content is king, but unlocking it creates value

A friend of mine today skyped me a 'must watch video'. In this presentation at TED, Blaise Aguera y Arcas manages to live demo Microsoft's Photosynth and hints at the possibilities...

In many ways, the newest internet thinking and development is around semantic connections, using publicly available information. In English, that means that every Facebook profile has info about the person, their friends, hobbies, plus pictures, videos etc. So by discovering ways to link all of these traits to other people creates a whole new world of fun, relevance and connectedness.

MySpace and Facebook know the huge value they have in their data, if they can mine it and bring that value to bare with marketers. But Photosynth takes an entirely different, perhaps more valuable approach.

It creates value in the 'experience' rather than trying to apply it solely to advertising, and by making a product that is completely unique out of semantic data (photos in this instance). For me, this is THE approach to take with a digital product. So whilst the others are looking for intelligent ways to extract revenue from their data, Photosynth is using the data to create a unique, untouchable proposition - putting them into a whole new category of business.

Have a play with Photosynth and imagine what the future of search engines will look like. Text, photo's, audio, video, people all dropped into a 3D navigable environment.


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