Monday, July 9

Land of the Rising Sun

For the last year, I've been working with the team at The Sun on their digital strategy and marketing activity. The Sun's digital product(s) have been a dark horse which are only now getting real traction with both consumers and the industry. It is truly unique and edgy, it appeals to the mass market (but may not be to everyone's taste) and has a wide portfolio of digital products, from editorial to commerce to pay to play.

The result of huge effort in the last year from editorial, tech, marketing has ramped up audience, making the most read newspaper site on a daily unique user basis. 'Newspaper site' is a strange measure, what's more important is the site is also in the top 15 of the fastest growing sites in the UK, alongside illustrious names like Facebook, Myspace and YouTube.

Sure, other sites are much bigger on a Global traffic basis, but head to head in the UK, is outgrowing the others hands down.

The results are a huge credit to the digital team. As for 'old media' going digital, I'll be hugely biased and say The Sun is one to watch over the next year. I just cant tell you why or how:-)

Sun wins Best Media award at the NMA's

ABCe: Sun overtakes Times as second-largest newspaper website


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