Wednesday, August 22

Mobile Peer 2 Peer: the final frontier?

I've been playing around with some ideas and trends today. It's high-time the mobile industry found it's killer app.

Sure is cool and an easy step for Joe Public to see his phone as more than, well, a phone. I hate to say it, but we really need a Napster(of old)/Torrent client for phones. $4 ringtones and picture downloads are so Y2k. I'm wondering if Nokia's mosh network will go so far? I doubt it.

Since I suspect that it will be non-drm'd content that will explode this into the mainstream, I doubt Nokia's corporate 'legal' machine will allow it to go this way.

There are some clients out there, but they're not simple and don't let you share what's on your phone - your tunes, pics, vids, ringtones, in a "Joe Public Non-Uber Geek way".

So it's really up to the internet developers and entrepreneurs to create. I'm plenty busy with other ventures, but would be happy to contribute marketing/commercial ideas if anyone wants to take this on? Drop me a comment here if you want to discuss.


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