Saturday, August 25

Update: Mobile p2p and Mosh

Nokia's 'not so secret' MOSH social network is now in open beta. And, it goes quite a long way toward the content sharing I described in my last post.

There's a problem for Nokia and it's a legal one. Given recent history, Napster, YouTube, it's only a matter of time before Jamster, Digital Chocolate, EA or one of the other big mobile content providers takes exception at this site. Why pay for a game, wallpaper, ringtone, when you can just 'swap it' at MOSH.

And then there's the Network Operators who wont be pleased as selling these 'added value' services is a big play for them.

The User Agreement says that users shouldn't publish copyright content...but that really excludes all games and all ringtones!

The mobile industry needs this to happen, it's a killer app that will drive use of mobiles in a different way. So it will get tens if not hundreds of millions using data services. But I can't see a Nokia, and their corporate legal team, 'getting away with it' for too long. We'll see.


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