Wednesday, November 26

The Art of Honda - "Viet Nam Style"

Totally off-topic. This morning, whilst riding my little boy to his nursery school, we turned a busy intersection (CMT8/Vo Van Tan). Next to us, on his Wave-S, was a guy majestically wavering the bike slowly to oneside, then the next.

As we went past him, I noticed he was drifting into a deep sleep! Riding motorbikes in Vietnam is a skill at the best of times, but managing to catch some ZZzzz's at 30kmph is genius.

"I don't think he was in full control of his vehicle officer".
We got past him pretty fast!


Blogger David Everitt-Carlson said...

Pretty funny Simon. And a great photo to match! Hope the dude got to work okay...

29 November, 2008 08:41  

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