Friday, November 14

Bored, bored, bored!!

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Google...Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Google.... arrrgh.

I've been in this business 10 years now and the blog inches (including my own) given over to these leaders is becoming quite boring. We used to get excited about new innovations, risky new business models, funky new technologies. Where has all that gone?!

I'm heading to tomorrow, and hopefully will get excited about some of the ideas and businesses I meet there. I met some of the guy's organising it earlier this week, and they're a fun, smart crew, so it should be a good day. There's some good stuff (web business, that is) in Vietnam. Here are some of my current favourites: - it's cafe, bar, entertainment listings and user reviews with nicely integrated maps. Very nicely executed indeed. It doesn't blow you away with features, which is great, and exactly right for the audience. I hope this one pulls through over the next few years. - we're creating our own travel site, so I am flagging the competition here. But hey, the guy's have done a great job. It's all based around Gmaps, with plenty of resources for the reader. Good work guy's!

Further afield, I'm liking: - a long-time favourite of mine. Any site that has over 50million user created artworks, and is still independent of the big boy's, deserves respect. If you like art or photography, you'll lose your life to this site! - it's just a shop, right. Actually, it's a very fast, simple guide to environmentally friendly products. Apart from an iPhone app, there's nothing technological to get excited about. It's just a very relevant, good start-up for the future. - it's twitter, facebook, IM, actually it's everything might want and need for a collaborative, communications tool for work, friends, social. I'd love to see something like Pibb integrated into big, mass media like, the freeflow of discussions and topics would be fascinating, perhaps a little too fascinating!

What I do love about the big-web guy's is the platform wars, Open Social, widgets, apps...long may it continue. It has allowed companies like to appear from nothing to be the innovators and money-makers of a new widgety world. Interesting stuff.


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