Friday, February 20

We're all criminals..or Pirates

Do you know what a 'torrent' is? How about if I say 'Vuze' or 'Azureus' or Limewire?

We'll then you're probably also a criminal, so add your mugshot to

The big news of the week was The Pirate Bay founders, the last bastion of downloading, going to trial. wants to create a site with all the self-confessed downloaders in the world, in support of PB.... but judging by the take-up rate, I think most criminals are too scared to confess. lol.


Anonymous Alexandr said...

Legal is country specific definition for torrent files.

In most EU countries "content" copy for personal usage is absolutely legal.

PS: how about uTorrent?

24 February, 2009 17:58  

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