Tuesday, March 3

Motorcycle Diaries: Figure of 8

Recreating a little of Top Gear Vietnam I successfully passed the Vietnamese driving test a few days ago. Comedy! I had to ride a battered 70cc Super-cub in a figure of 8, then around some traffic cones. I decided to aim for speed to make it a little harder (perhaps my Essex roots showing there). Fortunately I passed, perhaps they were impressed with the Carl Fogarty lean into the bends, which is a relief given my Vespa/Honda collection.

Now to make the test more realistic and the roads safer I have a few suggestions:

- Have some school boys on bicycles riding head on at you
- A taxi reversing across the test centre whilst the drivers' chatting on his mobile
- And a wobbly courier with a fridge-freezer strapped to his Dream just in front of you

On the way back I pulled up at the traffic lights. An old man slowly rolled past me, through the red light, across a busy crossroad, whilst reading a copy of Tuoi Tre (newspaper). He didn't look up once. I bet he could do the test and recite the days headlines at the same time.


Blogger David Everitt-Carlson said...

Damn funny, and I know... sadly... true!

06 March, 2009 10:07  

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