Wednesday, March 18

Motorcycle Diaries: Police Shades

I got stopped by a friendly Saigon 'bobby' (policeman) this week. Entirely my fault, as I passed the red light he pointed his baton at me and waved me over. When I pulled up, and as any self-respecting rider here would, I expected to be greeted with a substantial fine or worse lose my bike to the pound.

Instead, he said, in English, "I like your bike" :)
I babbled at him in London-speak which clearly baffled him.
Then he said, "I like your shirt".
And finally, "Your shades are nice".

At that point, I realised that my fine might not be financial. I didn't fancy walking to my meeting, less still wearing no clothes and no shades. So I quickly wished him a good day, shook his hand and fired up the bike.

Perhaps an omen... my new shades are made by Police.


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