Saturday, May 6

Social Media: FiFa Fast Like A Gumball Rally?

I'm a self-confessed lover of cars; classics, supercars, Japanese imports - they're all good. So last weekend I joined tens of thousands for the start of the Gumball 3000 World Rally.

For me this is the best example I've seen of Social and Distributed Media at large on a global scale. Maximillion Cooper and the Gumball team have used the full mix of media to publish progress. But more importantly, the fan base and innocent bystanders have been getting online with their own versions of events.

I played my own part in this with the following self-made video - posted to YouTube -picked up by the, autoSpy and various.

Go to and search for Gumball. Every aspect of the rally is covered in Video from crashes to races from London to Bangkok (so far). All user generated. Plus there are blogs like

The official Gumball stuff is really well done, but can't keep pace with the user generated content!

Gumball Live (official)
http://Gumball 3000 official website

Great work to the Gumballers for fuelling the fun. I would love to see the World Cup in Germany covered in the same way... Fan reports, Player Blogs, Game photo's and Video's. Somehow I can't see Fifa being as fast or open minded as Gumball 3000.


Anonymous Gurtej Sandhu said...


Context mixed with content. Context in the form of a shared interest (community) and then content to supplement and satisfy that context.

I think that social media is coming into its own because its more trusted as a source. Where social media companies hve to be careful is that they do not become "uncontextual" by becoming to big

Historically, the tradional sources for trusted information was 'old media', then this who internet jazz started and the trusted source became web 1.0 companies.

The problem is that we ended up having to go to too many to get a 'complete' set of information, so thats when seach came into its own. A trusted gatekeeper, with the most trusted being Google.

That lasted a while but Google started to lose the trust, it just came back with toomuch crap, is indexing too much and it is now impossible to find information without being conneed into a "transaction" site.

So, we got web 2.0,mash up, social networking etc - that will take us so far BUT most online companies are not getting the concept that being big (in one vertical as a single entity) doesn't always work in the long term

we still have a fundemnetal problem in that the scale of these sites is becoing the problem. Too big, too unweidling

Don't index more than anyone else, don't have the most amount of resturant guides- have quality.

Over information = uncontextual = irrelvant.

Google, as always is seeing the issue and hence we get googlebase, google maps etc but i would go back and have a look at martha stewart or the newspaper businesses for a way forward !

09 May, 2006 10:09  
Anonymous gurtej sandhu said...

i forgot to add, this is the content that will remain relevant and trusted to a community and this is what will have an advertising value in a few years.

09 May, 2006 10:12  

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