Monday, May 11

Asia Geek Events for All

A couple of shameless plugs for some Tech events hitting Asia over the coming month:

First up, one that I am speaking at:

"SDM: Vietnam's First Interactive Marketing - Advertising Exhibition & Conference."

In a market where the total media spend online was $8m last year...but where there are 25m people online, there's a huge opportunity for marketeers in Vietnam to 'go digital'. SDM (Saigon Digital Marketing) aims to bring together digital experts with marketeers. It's a day-long event and exhibition on 23.05.09 in Ho Chi Minh City.

I'm covering "Digital Marketing 101: Tips And Tricks From Planning And Strategy To Execution And ROI". It's going to be a one-hour, whirl-wind tour of Digital Marketing, for those marketeers with and without budgets.

Register for the conference and/or exhibition here

Next, The "Geeks on a Plane" Tour.

"Geeks On A Plane is all about leveraging the combined cross border networks of Dave McClure, Founders Fund and Web2Asia to offer attendees an opportunity to accelerate the process of meeting and connecting with key contacts in Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai's tech and investment sector."

Sounds like a fantastic way for Asian natives to swap knowledge and learn from each other. And 'Asian-impostors' like myself to meet and learn from the best of the big internet players in Asia's biggest digital markets.

It's an invitation only event so register your 'interest' at Geeks On A Plane's website


Anonymous Michael said...

I expect to be there, I'll drop by and say hello.

11 May, 2009 15:01  

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