Tuesday, May 5

The fever hits Vietnam... Twitter

Sorry, it's been a while, hello blog! A quick update on what we've been up-to, before some more serious posts in the morning...

The fever has definitely made it's way to Vietnam and it could be an epidemic...Twitter that is, not H1N1! Vietnam is starting to get the Twitter bug, buoyed by local and international media hype. The tech media has certainly been crying out for something to talk about other than Facebook or Google's latest lab project.

Like many, I started on Twitter a few years back, and was underwhelmed. What Twitter has pulled-off is launching with a very very very stripped back service and sticking to it. Many, like me, probably dropped off after their first taste. But now twitter has members, active members and lots of them. So the service is alive with inane rumblings from around the world. Like many people, I'm not sure Twitter (or it's members) can survive this level of attention. It's destined to be spam city an even easier place to spam than email. I hope not.

At Buzz.vn we're on the Twitter bandwagon already. We released Vietnam's Twitter page, letting our members watch public tweets coming exclusively from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hai Phong and Da Nang. We also added some 'Tags' to let people find the Buzz on Twitter from Vietnam. Filtering for tweets with the word 'hot' or 'love' can throw up some interesting results... but it's always entertaining.

6 months ago there was lots of talk of Twitter clones in Vietnam, but now much of that's subsided. There are some great clones (better than the real thing)...but as most marketers know, it's the first in the mind not the best product which wins.

Like most tech services, the penetration lies in the major cities with HCM and HN generating tens of thousands of tweets a day. But in Vietnam's second/third largest cities there are just 3 members each, Hai Phong and Danang!

So today we launch a campaign "Buzz wants to double the number of Twitter members in Vietnam's second largest cities" ;) (that'll be 6 more people, I think we can do it!)

And, if you speak/read Vietnamese and want to follow some of the cool stuff we save at Buzz, follow us at www.twitter.com/buzzvn


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