Wednesday, May 27

Game Changers: The Kindle

"Kindle accounted for c.10% of N American books sold in Q1 2009; c.4 mil of 38 mil sold - (RT @stevehall)" (from @bbhlabs twitter)

For those of us outside of the Kindle-fever countries, I'd say this just about sums it up. 10% of all books sold in Q1! Expect the traditional publishing industry to follow the music industry into a decade of arse-covering, future hating legal-suits. The 'free downloaders' are coming! But the industry will be bigger and faster moving than ever before. Book publishers, you better get your game-on because your industry is about to take-off.

The hype and outreach marketing on Kindle is so reminiscent of the iPod, that it's sometimes hard to believe this isn't an Apple product. Massive credit to Amazon for truly launching a game-changing device.

(I would have hoped News Corp to take the lead in this field, given it's portfolio companies and R&D in the e-paper space).


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